Have you been the victim of a financial scam? Want to get your money back?

It’s time to get even! If you’ve lost money to scammers then our expert recovery team can help you get back what’s rightfully yours!

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    We Are Industry Leaders in Financial Recovery.

    Our team of recovery experts have decades of experience in the field of scam debt recovery. We lead the way in the four main areas in which you may have been a victim of a scam.
    Binary Options



    Stock Trading


    Want Your Money Back? We’re In the Solutions Business!


    One of the most common financial scams in 2021 and one have helped thousands of clients with. Our team can help you recover your stolen funds AND give you the tools to avoid the scams in the first place.


    ‘Playing the market’ is something many have tried to achieve without success. Scammers in this field make empty, deceitful, promises that you may have fallen for. Rest assured we can help you get your money back.


    Unscrupulous individuals love running Forex scams as they know just how to make their ‘pitch’ appear genuine and lucrative. We’re here to help you secure your money back from these fraudsters.



    These are becoming far more common in recent years and involve a data breach that occurs as a result of your interaction with a ‘fake’ message from your bank. This can lead to the loss of large sums from your account and this type of identity fraud is one that we can help you recoup your losses.


    Cryptocurrency use is growing but it’s hard to regulate, this means con artists are using this exciting new avenue as a way to scam you. Let us help you get back what you lost.



    Traditionally this form of scam starts with an unsolicited mail proclaiming to be from a significant figure. This tends to take the form of a Nigerian prince or similar, this leads the user to be embroiled in a scam that involves the promise of a significant return for an initial sum you might be willing to give. Our recovery experts will help you avoid these traps and look to reclaim your lost funds.

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    Have you been the victim of a financial scam? Want your money back as quickly as possible? Give Us a Call!
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    Our Working Process

    How We Get Your Money Back


    Case Review

    We’ll look at the particulars of your case and give you a genuine response in relation to our ability to assist you


    Getting the Evidence

    In order to get things running, we’ll gather up all the relevant material to help your case


    Confronting the Scammers

    We approach those who have stolen your funds and start the process to retrieve your money


    Getting Your Money Back

    Our experts will seek to conclude matters in your favor. Our success rate is one of the highest in the field.


    What Our Customers Say


    Recovery Global really helped me. They were super helpful from the start. The customer agent who I dealt with offered me reassurances and I felt, for the first time, like someone was listening to me. It took a while but in the end I received what I was owed by the scammers who stole my money.


    The trading platform that ripped me off took away almost two years of my life. All that time I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall. I was ready to just give up and move on but someone recommended Recovery Global and I’m glad they did. Through the help I got I received a full refund of my money.


    At first I was embarrassed to have fallen for such a foolish scam but I was reassured by the support I got at Recovery Global and after I’d provided the relevant information they got to work straightaway. Two months later and I got almost all my money back

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